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Welcome to MusicFilmNetwork, for over 5 years, we have been distributing an amazing range of great music documentaries to cinemas across the UK and beyond.  Whether it's a film about a global soul megastar, a groundbreaking punk band or a long surviving indie band, we make sure the film is released as far and wide as possible to reach the audience it deserves.  We work with film makers and owners regarding the best release strategy including premieres, Q&A events and tours and press and pr for the release.  

If you are a film maker or rights owner keen to see your film released or a cinema or festival keen to screen any of our films, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at info@musicfilmnetwork.co.uk.


Everything - The Real Thing Story - OUT NOW

The Real Thing are extremely proud to announce the premiere of their long-awaited movie Everything – The Real Thing Story, directed by Simon Sheridan, and distributed by Screenbound International Pictures. 

The ‘other four lads from Liverpool’ tell their story from the tough streets of Toxteth to the bright lights of New York, and international stardom as Britain’s first million-selling soul and funk band. Against a backdrop of racism and social and political turmoil, The Real Thing were the first all-black British band to hit #1 in the pop charts – with the perennial ‘You To Me Are Everything’ – and as a result became the original black pin-ups for teenage fans in the UK. 

Other hits like ‘Can’t Get By Without You’, ‘You’ll Never Know What You’re Missing’ and ‘Can You Feel the Force’ set dancefloors alight, but their proudest moment was composing their anthemic ‘Children of the Ghetto’ – the first ever song to address the plight of black people in the UK, and is now a staple of Mary J Blige’s live stage act.

The band’s massive success has also been tempered with personal tragedy, but for the very first time Eddy, Chris and Dave tell their incredible story of a 45-year-long career. After five decades, they remain the true pioneers of British soul. 


Rolling Stone - Life & Death Of Brian Jones - OUT NOW

Directed by Danny Garcia (The Rise and Fall of The Clash/Looking for Johnny/Sad Vacation/STIV), ‘Rolling Stone: Life and Death Of Brian Jones’ is the first feature length documentary about the founder and original leader of The Rolling Stones.   

In the mid 60’s, Brian Jones emerged as 'the face' and poster boy of the Bohemian Swingin’ London scene, topping the charts with The Rolling Stones and dating model/actress Anita Pallenberg. However, his excessive lifestyle and his reputation as ' the original bad boy of Rock & Roll' was to cost him dearly. As the scene descended into the acid ridden year of 1967 so did Brian. Targeted by the authorities and media, he spiralled out of control losing both Anita and the respect of the Stones. Two years later, Brian was found at the bottom of his swimming pool, the verdict: death by misadventure. During the last 50 years many theories have emerged, claiming that Brian was murdered and that it was covered up at high level, as ‘Rolling Stone: Life and Death Of Brian Jones’ discovers- the evidence for this is extremely compelling.


Hendrix And The Spook - COMING SOON

It’s September 24th 1966 and as Jimmy James fastens his seatbelt on the New York runway, he’s full of excitement and hope. Next to him is Chas Chandler, the bass player of British band The Animals who only days earlier had spotted him playing in a club in Greenwich Village and was now taking him to London to launch his musical career. 

By the time the plane touches down Jimmy James has reverted to his original surname and has become Jimi Hendrix. But Jimi has no idea that the other man he was travelling with, a mysterious suited man wearing dark glasses, would become embroiled in Jimi's own murder investigation.

Fifty years on, The Animals and Jimi Hendrix not only remain top box office, the cause of Jimi’s death still remains an open verdict. While many stories continue to surround his death the open verdict does not rule out murder, neither does it rule out suicide: this film reveals the secret history of Jimi’s manager and British spy Mike Jeffery and explores why he was the prime suspect in the Jimi Hendrix murder enquiries. Yet, Hendrix and The Spook, with first hand testimony, reveals another more likely candidate for the cause of the death of one of the world’s greatest rock stars.



16 BARS is a feature length music documentary that offers a rare glimpse at the human stories and songs — that are locked away in our nation’s jails and prisons. The film follows a unique rehabilitation effort in the Richmond City Justice Center that invites inmates to write and record original music. In the jail’s makeshift recording studio, 4 men collaborate on an album with a Grammy-winning recording artist, Todd “Speech” Thomas, from the iconic activist hip-hop group Arrested Development. As the creative process unfurls, each of these men must unearth painful memories from the past, which hold a key to a new chapter in their lives.

The film is set in Richmond Virginia, the former seat of the confederacy, where the legacy of systemic racism, a spiraling opioid crisis, generational poverty, and a lack of mental health services have entrapped many of its citizens in a cycle of incarceration, making the city itself a unique case study for rising recidivism rates in the U.S. at large. With the U.S. locking up more of its citizens per capita than any other nation on the planet, the music of the film serves as rare testimony to the raw and messy truth behind the criminal justice system’s revolving door.